Top Four Reasons to Accept an Offer From a Cash Home-Buying Company

If you asked most people if they’d accept cash for their homes when they’re ready to sell them, they’d probably say yes. The underlying question would be whether they’re dealing with a legitimate company. Of course, that’s the most important factor in finding the right cash home-buying company. Once you’ve accomplished that, here are some key benefits this type of company can offer you.

Cash for Any Purpose
When you accept a “we buy houses in Hartford County” offer, the company buying your house will pay cash for it. This is money you can use to buy a smaller house, take a much-needed vacation, invest in a small business or help you get out of debt.

Get House Off Market
If you’ve been trying to sell your house for a while, a cash home-buying firm can help you get it off the market fast. In most cases, the cash buyer will make you an offer within the first 24 hours. The close can then take place as soon as seven days later.

Forgo Repairs
Most companies that offer “we buy houses in Hartford County” deals are house flippers. This means they intend to purchase your home, fix it up and sell it for a nice profit. Because of their intentions, these buyers will not require you to make any repairs.

Guaranteed Sale
Approximately 15 percent of all traditional real estate sales fall through because the buyers can’t get financing. With a “we buy houses in Hartford County” deal, the sale is practically guaranteed.

Accepting an offer from a cash home-buying company can save you a lot of time and trouble. The process is also easy and quick if you deal with the right company.

CT Cash Homes are one of the premier cash home-buying companies in Connecticut and can be reached at


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