Titanium Deburring for the Medical Industries

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services


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The medical industry is always at the front of technological advances, and for good reason. With more and more people living longer, the medical industry is forever booming with incoming clients. As such, manufacturing companies that serve this industry are always in need of finishing services that can meet and exceed strict guidelines and requirements. Titanium is a commonly found material in the medical industry as it offers durability, strength and a superior surface quality for medical implants and tools. The challenges lie in the fact that the coatings used on these components must be bio compatible and extremely hygienic.

Proper Finishing Options and Risks

Many understand that electropolishing is more effective than mechanical finishing. While the surface may look pristine and sleek, microscopic views can show a myriad of areas bacteria can thrive and grow. This is bad news for the medical industry. For implanted devices, a multi-step process is required which includes titanium deburring, polishing, and passivating. Reducing the potential for bacteria to gain a hold is vital in the medical industry, and is why many finishing companies are not approved to work with parts of this area. Those that are have undergone various inspections and meet or exceed a wide range of specifications. When working with these approved companies, you can be sure they have experience and knowledge in the proper finishing of a variety of medical and other industries parts.

Precision Deburring with Ceramic

While there is a wide range of media types that can be used in deburring machines, ceramic is the most commonly found. Not only can these media be produced in a wide range of sizes and grades, but it can also reach the tiniest areas and cover every surface of each part to ensure a suitable deburring and polishing no matter how large the batch may be. In fact, many companies welcome you to send a small sample of parts for them to process. You will be able to see with your own eyes exactly how precise their services are. Also, to ceramic, deburring can also be performed in stainless steel, copper, chromium-alloy steel, magnesium, titanium and Inconel among other materials. If you’re unsure which material will benefit you the best, don’t be afraid to contact the titanium finishing company and explain your needs directly to them. With so many years of experience, the company should have no issues explaining exactly how they can address your needs in a cost effective manner.

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