Tips To Stay Safe While Waiting For Auto Towing . . . And After The Truck Arrives As Well

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Towing Service


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After a vehicle breakdown along a busy highway, waiting for an Auto Towing truck can be hazardous. A service such as USA Towing & Recovery will arrive as soon as possible after a phone call, but the driver still needs time to make the trip from the garage to the location of the breakdown. You and everyone else in your vehicle must take precautions to stay safe until the tow truck arrives and after it’s there as well.

Use Emergency Flashers

Set the emergency flashers to alert approaching drivers that your vehicle is not moving. This is critical if the breakdown occurs at night.

Leave the Car

The safest option usually is to get out of the car and wait beyond the shoulder. In the event that a driver was approaching from behind actually strikes your vehicle, anyone inside it is at risk of serious injury.

Stand Back

Once the tow truck driver pulls up to the location, it’s important that nobody rushes over to the window for a discussion. The driver pulls as far off the road as possible, but the driver’s side door typically is next to the right lane of the highway. It’s best for everyone to wait beyond the shoulder of the road and let the tow service worker approach them.

Listen to the Driver

If the Auto Towing driver suggests that you and your passengers stand somewhere else. This person is experienced with doing work along the sides of busy roadways and knows where the safest places are. The tow truck driver may ask you to get into the truck’s cab.

Again, it all depends on the details of the situation. There is a substantially lower risk of your vehicle or the tow truck being struck by another vehicle because the tow driver typically sets up cones or flashing lights, and the truck itself is likely more visible to other drivers than your broken-down vehicle is. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reports of cars and pickup trucks sideswiping tow trucks because the person behind the wheel wasn’t paying attention. Listen to the tow driver and follow instructions for safety. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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