Tips to Consider When Hiring Professional Tulsa Movers

If you’ve made the decision to let professional movers do the heavy lifting, the hardest thing left may to be to find the right company. While there are numerous sources to scope, there are a few tips that can help guide your decision.

Get Several Quotes
This applies whether your move is local, across town, or across state borders. This way you can easily compare estimates and costs. You can also consider other people’s experiences with each company. Check your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints logged against the company. Hopefully, the company maintains a website with information about it services. Ask friends or relatives for information about the company, and check if the company can provide a short list of references.

Get In-Person Estimates
Professional Tulsa movers should always visit in person so as to personally review everything. This way, you can expect to get a more accurate estimate. Providing the company with an inventory list might be a good idea as well. Your list can also help to remind you to ask about items that may require special handling.

Inquire about the Company’s Services
There are a number of things that you can inquire about, including full or partial packing/unpacking, property protection, short and long-term storage options, decluttering, staging, and organizing assistance. Make sure the company has proper licenses, insurances, and permits.

Do the Tulsa movers have an online presence, and what are people saying about the company? Are there any fees, additional, that you should be aware of such as flight charges or long-carry charges? If moving to a remote area that isn’t accessible by a large truck or carrier, what type of shuttle service will be used and what will it cost?

Plan Your Move
Way ahead of your move, you should know what will be kept and what will be tossed. Waiting until the last minute to decide is a mistake made by millions of people. If you’re moving to, or away from Tulsa, movers with a dependable company reputation can save you a lot of headaches and worries down the stretch.

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