Tips on Winning Child Custody Cases

If you are trying to win a child custody case, it is important that you can prove that you will be able to provide the best home for the child. You want to have witnesses testify on your behalf and your lawyer can hire videographers in DC to videotape the custody hearing if you are presenting other kinds of evidence that would work in your favor. One of the main reasons why certain parents do not get custody is because of an unstable home. Never focus on the bad characteristics of the other parent at the custody hearing because it makes you look bitter and you could lose in the end.

Show That You Can Cooperate With The Other Parent

Another thing you need to do at the custody hearing is show that you can cooperate with the other parent. Talk about how you are willing to consider the other parent’s goals for the child and his beliefs as you raise the child in your home. Mention how often you intend to let the other parent visit the child and you should give examples of how you have worked to maintain a good relationship with the other parent in a non-combative manner recently.

Meet With Your Family Lawyer Regularly

It helps to meet with your family lawyer regularly during the child custody case because he understands your state’s laws on this issue and he can keep you from making mistakes that may cost you custody of the child. Ask the lawyer questions about what to expect at the hearing and even if you disagree, maintain a teachable attitude in your conversations with him.

Never Turn The Child Against The Other Parent

No matter how angry you are with your ex partner you must not turn your child against him or her. Instead you need to put your personal feelings aside for the best interests of the child and this could help you win custody of the child. The child loves the both of you and he doesn’t need to be placed in the middle of a heated dispute. In conclusion, it can be tough to win custody of your child but if you put these strategies into practice, you’ll succeed. Continue to be the best parent you can be even if the other parent attempts to paint a negative picture of you at the hearing. Educate yourself on the latest state laws concerning child custody and organize your records to help you stay on top of things.

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