Tips On Opening A Mexican Store With Wholesale Mexican Food In Pennsylvania

An area that is populated by Mexican immigrants and the children of immigrants will usually have one or more Mexican stores. These are often small, locally-owned businesses that stock a range of products from fresh foods and baked goods to convenience foods to non-food products. Some also sell freshly prepared food, like tacos or tamales. Store owners usually rely on suppliers of wholesale mexican food in Pennsylvania to stock their shelves. The following are some tips for managing a successful Mexican store.

First of all, make sure to order the fresh foods that are most often used in Mexican cooking, and try to stock items that aren’t readily available in the major grocery store chains in your area. Tomatoes and tomatillos are two vegetables that are used in most Mexican kitchens. Tomatoes are blended with peppers to make red salsa, while tomatillos are the small green tomatoes used in green salsa, or salsa verde. Avocados are very commonly used in Mexican cuisine, especially for guacamole, but also as an accompaniment to many dishes, like soups and salads. Fresh nopal, a type of cactus, is another food that is much more typical of Mexican than American cuisine and hard to find in chain grocery stores. It’s also important to carry a variety of fresh peppers, like jalapeno, poblano and serrano, along with onions, garlic, and fresh cilantro. In addition to standard cuts of fresh meats, don’t forget to include beef tongue, a common taco ingredient.

You’ll need to stock a range of dried, canned, and other convenience foods as well. Dried chiles are one of the most important seasonings in Mexican cuisine, and they may not be available at a chain store. Some of the popular varieties of dried chiles are ancho, arbol, chipotle, guajillo, mulatto, and pasilla negra. Other popular seasonings are spice blends like different types of adobo and sazon. Canned or prepared foods should include hominy or posole, canned chiles, and prepared salsas and sauces, like salsa verde and red and green mole.

In addition to fresh and prepared foods, you should consider carrying other items, like Mexican sodas, cookies, and candy. These foods can evoke nostalgia if they remind shoppers of their childhood. You can also stock other non-food items of cultural significance, like religious candles or decorations with traditional Mexican symbols. Click Here for more information about Wholesale Mexican Food in Pennsylvania.


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