Tips on Building Your Own Shipping Crates

If you need strong and durable shipping containers for your business, wooden crates have much to offer. You have several options when it comes to crates. For example, you can go to a custom crate company, and they’ll create just about any size you want, and you can add many features too. You can order pre-fabricated crates that are easy to put together, or you may buy wholesale lumber and make your own. Here are some helpful tips for building your own custom crates.

Choose the Right Wood

You can save money with engineered wood, but it’s usually best to use hardwood for the frames. You can go with engineered wood or even corrugated material for the sides, to cut costs.


Choosing the right fasteners is very important. It’s best to use pallet type nails or screws. They have special threads designed to stay in place. Nails are not the best option unless you have solid wholesale lumber. Some kinds of wood can easily split, and screws are the better choice.

Bottom Selection

Do you want skids or pallets on the bottom? This is the best option if you plan to load your crates with a lift truck. If you’re shipping heavy materials, you may want to reinforce the bottoms with very strong wholesale lumber.


Will you need to lift your crates with a crane? If so, you’ll need sturdy construction and the right kind of hooks for the tops. Maybe you want one side that opens. If so, you’ll need to install hinges.


Plan out the size you need for the perfect crate. Before you buy your wholesale, lumber and start building our own crates, talk to custom shipping container professionals about a quote on shipping crates. You may discover that it’s easier and more cost-effective to have your crates custom-made for your business.


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