Tips for Understanding How Bail Bonds Work in Jefferson County, Texas

Sometimes, people go to jail. Most of the time, judges allow people to go free after their arrest and before their trial. However, this costs money. If you can’t pay the price, you’ll be sitting in jail until trial. Here are three basic things about 24-hour bail bond assistance in Jefferson County, TX.

What Are Bail Bonds?

When someone goes to jail, they are arraigned by a judge and usually given bail. Bail refers to a dollar amount that accused criminals can post until their trial is over to get out of jail until then. The United States is one of two countries that still uses this outdated system. Bail bonds refer to bonds paid by companies that help people get out of jail until their trials. They charge a small fee.

How Much Do They Cost?

Although bail bonding isn’t allowed in all states, in Texas, bail bonding is still legal. The Lone Star State limits bail bond premiums at 10% of the client’s bail limit. You may find bail bonds as low as 8% in Texas, though they’re usually 10%.

Things to Know Before Bail

Before you can bail someone out of jail, you need to know where they’re detained, their name, and the bail amount.

Contact Us for Help

Here at Al Reed Bail Bonds, we can help you get out of jail fast with 24-hour bail bond assistance in Jefferson County, TX. Contact us today for immediate help from bail bondsmen.


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