Tips for Safe Storage in New York NY

Storage units are a good way to expand storage space in a business, home or office without the extra costs associated with a move or the addition of an outdoor building. As simple as storage can be, there are certain things to consider. By avoiding these mistakes, customers can ensure that their storage experience is as smooth and successful as possible.

Don’t Keep Animals and Plants in Storage

Storage units aren’t intended to accommodate living things, even for a short period. A plant or a pet will not fare well in a storage unit; without proper light and ventilation, they will suffer. In some places, leaving a pet in a self storage unit may be illegal.

Don’t Store Combustibles

Most solvents, fuels and other combustible compounds require adequate ventilation for safe storage in New York NY. Fuels and solvents should never be stored in an enclosed area, or close enough where fumes can mix. If a customer is in doubt about mixing or storing a particular compound, they should ask the manager of the storage unit. The manager will happily assist customers in finding out what’s allowed in units, and they can recommend other options for the storage of volatile compounds.

Don’t Start Fires or Leave Tools Running

A storage unit is not meant to be used as a workspace or garage. If a customer needs a space to work, a garage may be a better option. These dedicated work spaces provide amenities not found in storage units.

Don’t Leave Motors Running Inside the Unit

RV, boat, car and motorcycle engines may emit toxic fumes that can’t be smelled or seen. In small spaces, such as storage units, these fumes can create a severe or fatal health risk.

Don’t Leave Portable Units On Site if Prohibited by HOA Rules

Before renting portable storage, it’s wise to ensure whether it’s allowed by local zoning ordinances or HOA rules. Many areas prohibit the use of these units, or they require out-of-site storage if they’re used for an extended period.

Storage in New York NY is a great way for a customer to get the additional storage they need. However, there are certain mistakes to avoid when renting storage space. By avoiding these mistakes, customers can meet their needs while staying safe.


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