Tips for Reducing Alimony During Divorce with a Divorce Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA

A divorce could run over a year, and things have changed during that time. What was set in motion during the beginning may have changed dramatically by the time the Divorce Lawyer in Villa Rica GA presents the final settlement details to the court. Alimony is one angle that could undergo some pertinent changes. Alimony is rather inflexible in most states, and that includes Georgia. The courts will use a calculation that accounts for:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The income of either ex-spouse
  • The emotional and physical state of the ex-spouses
  • If an ex-spouse has connections to other financial resources (disability, SS, etc.)

The courts will demand an alimony that is often not up for negotiation, but there are ways for a divorce lawyer in Villa Rica, GA to present fairer terms in regards to the alimony.

Evidence Supporting a Changed Situation

Early in the proceedings, the alimony may be $20,000 a year. Since the divorce began, the husband has lost his job, and in the aftermath of that, a $20,000 annual salary for alimony is impossible. The husband can provide through the divorce lawyer in Villa Rica, GA a detailed report of what happened in the reduction of income. The courts know that the economy is tough and events change, and some concrete proof will offer a launching point to reopen discussions on alimony.

A Temporary Alimony

An attorney can also reduce the alimony with a trade-off: a husband can agree to pay a temporary alimony (this is also known as a pendent lite). It essentially states that a certain alimony will be paid as the final payment is pending. A client can agree to pay these terms in exchange for revisiting the number and getting a fair reduction.

Daniel M. Barnes and Associates has followed thousands of men and women through one of the most exhausting processes of their entire life. In an effort to make things fair, a divorce could end up disastrous, so reach out to a divorce lawyer in Villa Rica, GA to get an alimony payment that is fair and reflective of the current situation–not the beginning of a divorce.


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