Tips for Proper Lawn Mowing in Alpharetta

Did you know there is a wrong way to mow your lawn? If your like most of us, you didn’t. With the hectic lives and busy schedules most of us lead, taking the time to learn more about proper lawn care is something we neglect. To help you get the most out of your lawn, we will discuss a few tips for proper lawn mowing in Alpharetta. These tips should help you get your lawn looking fabulous if you take the time to follow them and give your lawn the special attention it deserves.

Height is Crucial

Most of us like to grab the mower and head out to cut the grass without worrying about height. This is mainly due to the fact we aren’t able to mow as often as we’d like. Instead, when we do, we basically scalp our lawns. Scalping a lawn is quite damaging to the grass and can leave your lawn looking worse for wear. Take the time to learn what type of grass you have. Once you have this information finding out the ideal cut length won’t be an issue. This is also why it’s typically best to hire a company experienced in lawn mowing in Alpharetta.

When Should You Mow

This is another aspect you should keep in mind when hiring someone for proper lawn mowing in Alpharetta. Deciding when to mow should be based on the grass, not your calendar. This is where the one third rule comes into play. Most experts feel grass shouldn’t be cut more than one third at a time. Since that is the case, knowing your optimum grass height allows you to keep an eye on the growth. When you see it is tall enough to lose one third of its height without cutting it below the optimum level, it’s time to mow. This cycle can’t be determined or dictated by the days of the week.


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