Tips for Preparing Rental Homes in Memphis, TN

If someone is wondering how to rent their house out, they’re likely thinking of the financial gains they’ll see. While becoming a landlord can be a lucrative pursuit, it’s important to prepare the home for rental. Before advertising Rental Homes in Memphis TN, homeowners should follow these steps.

Inspect the Home Thoroughly

When the home is clean and empty, inspect it and make major repairs. Address issues such as broken gutters, roof leaks, cracked driveways, leaky plumbing, and faulty electrical outlets. Finally, inspect the flooring to ensure it is sound.

Evaluate Appliances and Furnishings

Cleanliness is important, and it applies equally to appliances and furnishings. If the homeowner has valuable fixtures or furnishings they don’t want to be damaged or stolen, those items should be removed. If the home is being advertised as furnished, everything should be in good working order. Appliances should be clean and in good repair, as this can help new landlords avoid the cost of frequent repairs.

Decide How to Manage the Rental

If the owner plans to manage his or her own rental, they should secure a lease document for themselves and the tenant. If they’re planning to go through website domain, there’s less for the homeowner to do. Property management companies charge a portion of the monthly rent in exchange for managing repairs, screening tenants, collecting rent, handling IRS payments, and processing evictions when necessary.

Notify the Insurance Company and the Mortgage Lender

It’s important for the homeowner to contact their insurer and mortgage lender to tell them they’re moving away. The lender has a security interest in the home, and they may require the owner to meet certain requirements as a landlord. The owner should switch to a landlord’s insurance policy to cover losses due to natural disasters, water damage, fire, and tenants’ negligence.

Follow These Tips for an Easy Rental

According to USAA, one in four people moves each year. That means there’s an active market for Rental Homes in Memphis TN. Renting out a home can be a good way to increase income and make a profit from a home the owner isn’t yet ready to sell. Following these tips can help new landlords settle into their roles easily and efficiently.

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