Tips For Positioning LED Landscaping Lights

Choosing where to position LED landscaping lights to create the maximum visual impact is more than just science; it is really an art. The top companies installing landscaping lights are able to provide suggestions and ideas for how to get the most out the lighting while giving you the overall look you want for your landscaped area.

The use of LED landscaping lights is different than for security lights or direct lights for creating high levels of visibility at entryways, gates or around the home. Instead, these lights provide a more soft, gentle and diffuse light that is very natural looking but still increases visibility in areas such as pathways, driveways and even decks and patios. LED landscaping lights are gaining popularity and with it, come a host of questions. Click here to learn more about LED lighting.

Using Uplights

Uplights are a very popular option with LED landscaping lights. These are like mini floodlights and direct the light from the ground up. These are commonly used on taller and larger objects such as trees, fountains, against the house or even against a particular area of a fence, garden arch or other type of artwork in the area.

Correctly positioning the uplight is essential both the highlight the part of the design element you want to focus in on but also to avoid unintentional light in windows, into neighboring houses, or to prevent too much light that creates a harsh rather than soft look.

Walkway Lights

For a soft and romantic look, walkway LED landscaping lights can turn a simple tile or rock garden path into a beautiful place to stroll. When using walkway lights consider placing them to provide some light onto the path as well as in the surrounding garden or lawn area.

Often these types of LED landscaping lights are used at bends or curves in the path to give more visibility, and less frequently along the longer straight areas. Staggering the lights on alternate sides of the walkway also provides a wonderful visual design to the soft pools of light created along the path.

Other uses for LED landscaping lights can include around a patio or pool deck area or along the railing on a deck or balcony. With the railing options and the lights directed down there is no glare, and the look is very gentle and welcoming.

If you currently have some LED landscaping lights in place, look for packages or lighting options that will blend in and match your current lighting system. This gives the entire area a very well-designed look even when combining two systems.

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