Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Choosing a paint color for your home’s exterior is a big decision and is one that should not be made lightly. The bulk of your home’s curb appeal is impacted by the paint job and the color and quality of the paint can make a huge difference. When you are in need of painting services in Monterey or the surrounding area, be sure to give us a call and let our experts handle it for you! Here are some things to consider in the meantime:

Think About the Home’s History

When an older home is in need of a fresh coat of paint, generally lean towards a more historically accurate shade of the style home they have. Most people don’t use bright oranges blues on a traditional colonial style home, but would rather opt for more muted tones like tan, white, grey or pastels.

Take a Cue from the Neighbors

Choosing the best paint for your home can sometimes be as easy as looking at what your neighbors are doing and find your inspiration from there. You may want your home to blend in or stand out, but in either case you want to be smart and not go to one extreme or the other with your paint color.

Consider a Natural Inspiration Source

The natural colors in the environment of your area can also help you find the right color for your home. Flower beds could offer accent shades to use in trims and shutters while a natural wooded property would lend itself well to browns and tans or cream colors.

If you are looking for painting services in Monterey, you have come to the right place. We can help you find the perfect shade and will ensure your home looks its absolute best! Contact Speed Boy Painting today to get started!


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