Tips For Creating The Ideal Cremation Plans

As part of planning the final arrangements in advance, the client has settled on cremation. What remains is to work out some of the details. Here are some issues to address as part of the Cremation Plans and ensure that loved ones are not left wondering what the deceased would have wanted.

The Timing for the Cremation

As part of the Cremation Plans, include instructions for the timing of the cremation. Some people may prefer to have a memorial service take place first. This would involve making arrangements with the funeral home for a temporary casket or, possibly, investing in a sturdy cremation coffin. Others may like the idea of holding the service after the cremation is completed. If so, there is the need to select an urn in advance. As part of the planning, the urn can also be paid for up front, eliminating one of the expenses that the family would need to absorb.

Placing the Urn for the Memorial Service

When the plan is to hold the memorial service after the cremation, there is the need to decide how to place it for the event. One approach is to have the urn resting on a simple table along with a framed photograph of the deceased. It is possible to embellish the setting with other elements if desired. For example, perhaps including a nice tablecloth that belonged to the deceased would enhance the setting. Including a vase with the favorite flowers of the deceased is also a nice touch.

Who Will Get the Urn?

Another key point to determine is who will get the urn once the memorial service is over. This is usually the next of kin, but it makes sense to leave specific instructions and remove all doubt. The recipient may be a spouse, a child, or maybe a best friend. Along with deciding who gets the urn, any special instructions about what the party is to do with the ashes can also be provided.

For anyone who has settled on cremation and needs help making the advance arrangements, talk with the professionals at Evergreen Washelli today. With a little planning, all the details will be settled, and the family can focus more on mourning their loss. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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