Tips For Cleaning An Epoxy Garage Floor

With a quality, professionally applied epoxy coating on your garage floor you can expect years of great looking flooring. These coatings will stand up to tire wear and heat, spills, accidents and staining chemicals and compounds.

In general, a quality epoxy garage floor that has been installed by a reputable company will be resistant to the typical fluids, dirt and even grease and oil that will be present in a garage. Of course, there will be some maintenance required to keep the floor looking great, but it is very simple and easy to do.

Accidental Spills

Whenever a spill occurs on an epoxy garage floor, try to clean it up with a dry cloth as quickly as possible. You can also use warm, soapy water using a pH neutral cleaner to clean the area of the spill. This is ideal to remove the oil, grease or chemical residue.

Just like any type of flooring, the longer that a corrosive or staining compound or chemical is on the surface, the greater the risk of stains. The color selected for the flooring will also have an impact on the possibility of stains showing if the compound or chemical is not noticed and dries on the surface.

Routine Cleaning

Sweeping or blowing off surface dust and dirt is the most important part of cleaning. If this is done on a weekly basis, it is very unlikely you will need to do a full cleaning more than a few times a year.

For a typical residential garage, the epoxy garage floor can be swept and then rinsed a pressure attachment on a hose. Using a long handled squeegee to push the water out of the garage will remove the dirt and grime and also the excess water.

It is also possible to use a mop or a steam cleaner for floors, just make sure you choose a pH neutral cleaner. Ask your installers for the cleaner recommended for the particular epoxy used.


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