Tips for Choosing a Used Car from a Ford Car Dealership in Oak Ridge, TN

A pre-owned car can be a helpful addition to any busy household. Sometimes it can be challenging to select a pre-owned car from an inventory of dozens or more. Discover three important features to keep in mind when selecting this type of vehicle.

The Mileage

The mileage on a pre-owned car doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s important. Ideally, a buyer wants a pre-owned vehicle with a low number of miles. Selecting a pre-owned car with low mileage usually means the buyer will get more years of use out of it than a pre-owned vehicle with a lot of miles on it.

The Car’s History

When shopping at a Ford Car Dealership in Oak Ridge, TN, it’s best to closely study the written history of a pre-owned car. This history contains the number of accidents the car has been involved in, the service it has received and the number of prior owners among other facts. All of this information can help in a buyer’s final decision.

The Smoothness of the Ride

Taking a pre-owned car out on the road is very important. A car can look beautiful, but a buyer may not enjoy the way it travels. A buyer should take it on different terrain to really get an accurate picture of its handling.

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