Tips for Buying Used Rims

Rims and wheels are some of the most frequently and easily upgraded parts on a car or truck. These accessories are simple to change, and they can create a substantial difference in a vehicle’s appearance. Rims can be a form of self-expression, but they can provide performance benefits. Some wheels can offer cooler brakes, increased steering response and other perks. There are many wheels to choose from in multiple diameters and widths, and drivers should ensure that the rims they want will fit their vehicle before they buy.

Poorly sized wheels can cause anything from a minor shimmy to a significant safety hazard. The most important measurements are below.

Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern is the arrangement of lug holes on a rim. The pattern differs by vehicle, not only in bolt numbers but in the spacing between holes. Every manufacturer typically uses the same pattern across all of its vehicles.

Center Bore

The center bore is the size of the hole in the wheel’s center, and it centers the rim on the hub. The center bore allows the wheel to be attached to the vehicle, and improper sizing can cause vibrations and other serious issues.


Offset is the space between the surface of the hub and the wheel’s center line. The measurement determines the way the wheel sits relative to the vehicle. Wheels with negative offset will protrude a little from the wheel well, and wheels with a positive offset look flat. Most modern cars have a positive offset, which makes the vehicle very responsive.


Similarly to offset, backspacing affects the wheels’ positioning. It is a measurement from the back of the wheel’s mounting surface to the rim’s edge. Wheels with less backspacing protrude further, while Used Rims with more backspacing stay under the vehicle.

Width and Diameter

When a driver decides to upgrade their rims, they usually think of going bigger. However, it is important to ensure that the increased size will not compromise the vehicle’s safety. A too-large rim may rub against the wheel well, causing damage to the car and safety issues for the driver and for other motorists.

Swapping rims can make a difference in a vehicle’s appearance, and by following the tips above, drivers can upgrade the right way.


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