Tips For Buying The Best Cast Aluminum Block For Your Requirements

While many metal suppliers and general construction industry suppliers will carry a variety of aluminum plate, is much more of a challenge to be able to purchase cast aluminum block. There is also a range of different factors that should be considered, so working with a dealer authorized by an aluminum manufacturer is typically the best option.

The Value

As with all cast aluminum products, cast aluminum block offers a very high level of structural stability. This may also be referred to as internal or dimensional stability. This is the property of the aluminum that prevents distortion of the metal at a granular level during machining, sawing and even with welding.

Not all aluminum reacts the same way to welding, machining or heating in the production of the part or component. Depending on the application, it will be critical to precisely match the aluminum alloy to the requirements as well as the production processes.

End Use Environment

In addition to how the aluminum block will be machined, welded or fabricated, it will also be important to consider the end use environment. For example, in Thermoforming of tools or for injection molds, the aluminum has to be able to not only stand up to high levels of heat but also to provide consistent heat transfer.

Without these characteristics, there could be a higher rate of failure with the mold as different wall sizes and shapes in the mold may cool faster or slower than others. This could create distortions in the molded components as well as increase the risk of defective parts.

By working with approved distributors for aluminum manufacturers, it is possible to get support in choosing the best option in cast aluminum block for any application. This will ensure the properties of the aluminum match your requirements.


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