Tips for Buying New Cars in Green Madison

Many times, when a person is looking for New Cars in Green Madison, they end up paying too much or not getting the vehicle they really want. It’s not a surprise, because some dealers are known for their pushy sales tactics. To get your next new car at a good price, be sure to do your research – and you can start with the tips below.

Comparison Shopping can Pay Off

Before you go to the dealership, you should decide which vehicle you want – or at least narrow it down to a few choices. However, you can comparison shop without ever setting foot in a showroom. Start by:

     *     Reviewing Consumer Reports’ yearly car buying issue. This useful guide compares features, price, resale value and reliability of many car brands and models.

     *    Searching online for car reviews and ratings.

Decipher the Dealer’s Code

Dealers may use unfamiliar terminology when discussing the price of New Cars in Green Madison. Before sitting down to negotiate, you should learn about:

     *    Invoice pricing – This is the amount the dealer pays for the car upon delivery. An invoice price is usually above the dealer cost because dealers often get allowances, incentives and rebates.

     *    Base pricing – the cost of the car minus any options. A base model includes a factory warranty and standard equipment.

     *    Sticker price – This amount is the base price, with options and transportation fees. Stickers with this information and the car’s fuel economy must be attached to each new car’s window. Most dealers add to the price for their installed options.

Negotiating with the Dealer

For many people, the hardest part of shopping for New Cars in Green Madison is bargaining with the dealer. It’s helpful to know what you need before going in, and to use the invoice price as a starting point. Compare prices from several sources, and don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal you can’t afford. Above all – do not put a deposit on a car before the dealer accepts your offer, and if you can’t find the exact model you want, ask the dealer to order it.





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