Tips for Aerobic System Maintenance in Conroe, TX

Homeowners have a few options when it’s time to choose a new septic system. Aerobic systems are one of the best of them since they are efficient systems with long lifespans and lower land requirements. Just like any septic system, an aerobic system will require maintenance.

Want to ensure the longevity of a new septic system? Read on to find some tips for Aerobic System Maintenance in Conroe TX that will help.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Aerobic systems should generally be inspected every four months. During this professional inspection, a tech will add chlorine to the system and ensure that everything is functioning as intended. Work with a contractor who has plenty of experience with Aerobic System Maintenance in Conroe TX, and sign a maintenance contract to get the best deal.

Be Careful About What Goes Down the Drain

Don’t flush things like sanitary products, diapers, or cigarette butts down the toilet of a home that has an aerobic septic system. Avoid introducing grease, oil, and food scraps via the sink, too. Those items can wind up clogging the lines and damaging the system.

Keep it Alkaline

Aerobic bacteria like alkaline conditions. Keep the system alkaline by using alternative cleaning products like borax and baking soda and have its pH level checked periodically to make sure that the good bacteria required to break down waste can thrive.

Check for Insect Damage

Every aerobic septic system has an aerator, usually found in an outdoor housing near the tank. Unfortunately, aerator housings are perfect nesting grounds for ants. Avoid damage to this essential piece of equipment by placing ant poison nearby to prevent them from colonizing the area.

Keep Detailed Maintenance Records

Start keeping records as soon as the system is installed. Keep a sketch that shows the rough location of the septic tank and its components and records of every maintenance visit and tank cleaning. This will make it easier for new technicians to understand what’s happening in the system should something go wrong.

The Bottom Line

Aerobic septic systems can last much longer than traditional septic tanks, but only if they’re properly cared for. Find a company that specializes in aerobic system maintenance and don’t let other inexperienced contractors work on the system. Visit Texas Pride Septic to learn about one company that can do it all today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.


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