Time for an Oil Change? 4 Signs to Watch Out for

Tight deadlines, traffic and tap dancing for the boss can make for a poor combination every time. When you deal with these many things on a daily basis, it’s easy for a few essentials to slip through the cracks. That’s typically what happens with car maintenance tasks like getting your oil or filters changed. Since going too long between oil changes can negatively affect your car’s performance on the road, learn to watch out for a few signs to help you remember that it’s time for another one:

Engine oil is on

That light is telling you that you’ve gone too long between oil changes. If there’s not enough oil in your system anymore, that’s going to cause major lubrication problems. Get your car to a service shop in Coppell TX for that oil change.

Strange noises

Oil provides a kind of protective barrier between engine parts, eliminating friction in the process. If there’s not enough oil to go around, though, that’s going to mean greater damage as well as wear and tear on the parts, says Machinery Lubrication.

Dirty oil

Get the dipstick out and check. Do this at least once a month. Set it on your calendar so you won’t forget. That way, you can easily determine if the oil is contaminated with impurities, dirt and other foreign particles. Also, clean oil is slightly translucent. If yours is dark, that means impurities are already in the oil and that it’s time to pay a visit to the car service shop for another oil change in Coppell TX.

Exhaust smoke

If there’s excessive exhaust smoke, that could be a sign of an oil leak. Bring your car to the repair shop for a quick check to prevent those leaks from getting worse and reducing any damage it might have on your engine.


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