Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Day Charter in the USVI

So you’ve decided to book a day charter to explore the Virgin Islands, and you’re wondering where to go from there. Lucky for you, the answer is quite literally anywhere! Day Charters USVI offer you the opportunity to customize your day to your liking while enjoying a variety of on-board amenities and services, and, of course, the gorgeous view. If you’re looking for some guidelines and pointers, here are three ways to help you make the most of your day charter.

1. Talk to Your Captain
You may have already planned out your day with your captain or the charter company beforehand, but even so, you should keep the lines of communication open. Your captain is your best resource when it comes to exploring the islands, and they’re likely to be a wealth of information on the locale and sights to see and explore.

2. Come Prepared
While you may have settled on a variety of amenities that you’ll have available to you on board, it always helps to come prepared with some other items you may need. Fishing or snorkeling gear, sunscreen, a swimsuit, and perhaps a book to read or some favorite music to play. You can think of day charters USVI as a sort of home for the day—a place to casually relax and feel comfortable, while you travel in luxurious style to the next destination on your itinerary. Additionally, some charters are equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can bring a laptop or tablet along as well. And, of course, don’t forget your camera!

3. Take Some Time to Relax
Your time spent on day charters USVI doesn’t have to be a flustered rush. Though you’ll of course want to cram in as many sights and experiences as possible, if you’re just on the charter for the day, you’ll only have so much time. You’ll want to spend some time enjoying the charter itself, and relaxing out on the water. If you’re rushing to get to your next destination within a rigid schedule, you’ll miss out on the experience of sightseeing and relaxing from the luxuries of being on-board. Take some time out to lay on the deck and read or sunbathe, or just relax and have a chat or a drink with your family and friends on board.

These are, of course, only a few suggestions to make your day charter experience enjoyable and memorable. You can also speak to the company or captain beforehand for more tips on how to make the most of your day. Companies like Blue Mystic Charters offer day charters USVI to suit whatever type of day on the water you’d like to have, and the knowledge and expertise of their captains are priceless. Make your vacation unforgettable and balance island hopping and relaxation with a day charter.

Contact Blue Mystic Charters today to book from a selection of day charters USVI. Make your vacation unique and memorable with an amazing day traveling amongst the gorgeous Virgin Islands.


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