Three Types of Temporary Fence For Rent in Chicago

Construction sites, neighborhood street fairs, sporting events and outdoor music festivals are some of the key reasons most people rent a fence. Temporary fencing can help to establish a sturdy physical boundary for the event, and help to control the flow of foot traffic inside a site. On a construction site, a temporary fence can help to keep workers and the public safe. Temporary fencing has proven to be a good deterrent to theft, wandering animals and liability issues associated with individuals trespassing on private property. Instead of wasting money and time installing a fence, hiring a temporary fence rental company can help to ensure a quick and easy installation of a fencing that suits a person’s needs. Here are three common types of temporary Fence For Rent in Chicago.

Post Driven Fencing

Post driven fencing is ideal for sites where fencing can be anchored into the ground. This type of temporary fencing can be used on grass, dirt and graded areas such as hillsides. It is suitable for concert events that take place in parks and other outdoor locations, and long-term, large-scale construction sites.

Free Standing Chain Link

Free standing chain link fences are used on surfaces where posts cannot be driven into the ground. They are ideal for construction sites or urban street fairs. They can also be used on hard surfaces and arranged in many different configurations to help separate different area of an event. Since the open weave of the chain link does not hinder visibility, free-standing chain link panels are also ideal for concerts.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fences are suitable for areas where posts can be driven into the ground. They feature movable panels measuring eight or ten- foot lengths and four or six-foot heights. The portable version of wrought iron fencing resembles the permanently installed version. This makes it an ideal fence rental for events where aesthetics is a consideration.

These are just some common types of Fence For Rent in Chicago. Remember to choose the right fence rental company to get the best types of temporary barricades at a reasonable price. For additional details about temporary fences for rent, please click here.


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