Three Steps That You Can Take Right Away When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is often an exciting time. You get to choose the colors that you want, the people who will be a part of your wedding party, and the details of the reception. When you view other Downers Grove weddings, you can get a few ideas as to how to decorate for your own special day. If you don’t have someone helping you plan your wedding, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that everything is completed on time and just the way that you want.

Guest List

Make your guest list as early as possible. This will help you better plan your venue and your reception as well because you’re going to need to find venues that are large enough to accommodate the number of people you plan to invite. A list of people will also make it easier to plan how much food to serve, how many tables you’re going to need, and how many favors you’re going to need to give out if you plan to offer a small token of appreciation.

Setting a Date

When you begin thinking about dates, consider one that is special to both of you. After deciding on a few dates, contact venues to find out if there are any other events taking place at the time. Keep in mind that there are some times during the year when you might have to pay a little more in fees because of the number of Downers Grove weddings that are held.

Food and Decorations

Try to enlist as much help as possible for decorating and preparing food if you don’t plan to hire a wedding planner. Decide whether you want to offer a buffet or if you’re going to provide a sit-down meal for guests. Try to use as many natural items as possible when decorating as a way to save money.

If you’re planning a wedding in the Downers Grove area, contact Carriage Greens Country Club at for more details about how you can have the fabulous wedding and reception of your dreams.


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