Three Small Changes for a Big Difference

It’s no surprise that some people balk at the idea of nutrition. At The MAX Challenge, we get it: we didn’t want to trade pizza and fries for kale and cucumber either! Thankfully, our ten-week program isn’t about dieting: it’s about living. We believe that everything in moderation is more productive and manageable than deprivation, and we happily provide the following tips to help you get on the right track.

  • Decrease sugar intake. Discuss your nutritional needs with your doctor and remain vigilant when it comes to nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Try replacing soda and juice with tea or kombucha, or afternoon sweets with an apple and peanut butter.
  • Cook at home. Bake your own fries, sizzle your own steak, or even grow your own garden! Knowing what goes into your food not only helps you control your intake but gives you more freedom to prepare it according to your tastes.
  • Plan ahead! Pack healthy snacks for work or when you’re on the go, decreasing the likelihood that you’ll sabotage your great progress with a stop at the drive-thru. Don’t skimp on serving size; fuel your body throughout the day to keep your metabolism and energy level up.

Weight loss can be difficult, but The MAX Challenge believes that anyone committed to transforming their life will see change. Stay focused, have fun, and get fit. You can do it!


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