Three Safety Issues That Require Inspection By A Licensed Electrician In Fishers

The electrical system of a home or commercial building provides an unending supply of power to each outlet and is equipped with a variety of built-in safety features. Despite the typical lifespan of an electrical system exceeding more than 30 years, there are times when issues arise that require inspection and repair by an electrician in Fishers. The following is a look at three problems that may lead to safety concerns and should be addressed right away to prevent injury or property loss.

Ground Fault Issue

As electricity enters a home, it travels on the wires within the breaker panel and to the various outlets in a structure. A ground fault occurs when the flow of electricity moves along an unintended path to the ground. The most common causes of this issue are worn wiring insulation, the presence of water, or conductive dust and should be inspected by a licensed professional with the tools needed to identify and repair the ground issue correctly.

Ground Wire Problems

A ground wire protects a home’s electrical system from damage due to a direct lightning strike or power surge that causes the amount of voltage entering a house to reach unsafe levels. As the flow of the energy is sensed by the circuit panel, the breaker will trip and, any excess power will be transferred to the ground wire. This prevents it from entering the home and damaging any appliances that may be plugged in.

GFCI Outlet Replacement

Local building codes require the use of GFCI outlets in areas where an appliance may be exposed to water, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Most GFCI outlets are composed of hundreds of parts, and they should only be installed by a licensed electrician in Fishers who will ensure they are working correctly. In addition to making a home safe, GFCIs will also allow a home to pass any required inspections during a real estate transaction.

Electrical problems may not seem like a significant issue, but ignoring them could lead to disaster. Burtner Electric is a full-service electrical repair company that offers 24/7 service for both commercial and residential systems. Contact them to learn more and have any problems remedied as quickly as possible.


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