Three Reasons to Visit a Dentist Even If You Don’t Enjoy Going

Dentophobia is the true scientific term for those who fear dentists. These are people who work themselves into total panic for a regular checkup. Sometimes, this ailment is connected to a fear of doctors in general, or it can be linked to trypanophobia – a fear of needles.

An Absolute Necessity

Sometimes, those with dentophobia don’t have a choice but to visit the dentist. There are some conditions that require immediate treatment to avoid larger issues later. Here are three examples of conditions that require a dental appointment as soon as possible.

Gum Infection

Gum infections can occur due to a lack of flossing or something that gets caught underneath the gums. You’ll likely be alerted to the infection because it can be incredibly painful. If not treated properly, the infection can produce abscesses. If these rupture, the bacteria can infect other parts of your mouth.

Cracked Tooth

Having a cracked tooth in Chicago is worse than a small chip. If not addressed, it can allow bacteria to push into the gums, which can result in gum infection and more serious conditions.

Facial Swelling

This sometimes happens when a cavity is not treated in time or an injury occurs at the mandible or jaw. Again, this may be due to a deep infection that only causes excessive pain once it reaches the mouth’s nerve endings. If not treated, the bacteria can spread.

When you have a cracked tooth in Chicago, it’s important to reach out to a dentist immediately. If you are afraid of your visit, ask the dentist or one of their assistants ahead of time how they treat people who have a fear of needles or medical instruments. In addition, see if they offer any holistic solutions to resolve the issue.

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