Three Reasons To Consider Having A Heating & Cooling Company In Fort Collins CO Install A Ductless Split System

Heating and air conditioning technology has come a long way. Because of technological advances that have taken place in the industry, traditional forced air systems are no longer the only way to go. These days, everything from rolling portable systems to geothermal pumps can be installed in a residential setting. With all of the options available on the market, there are some advantages for homeowners who choose to go with ductless split systems. For those who haven’t considered this option, read on to find out why it deserves a second look.

Higher Efficiency Levels

Ductless split systems are also more efficient than the average forced air system. This is because the ductwork in those systems often becomes leaky after some time, which can mean that the system has to put out more energy to compensate for the lost air. This inefficiency often translates to increased system usage and higher energy bills. Because ductless split systems installed by a quality Heating & Cooling Company Fort Collins CO don’t have this problem because there is no ductwork to worry about.

Zoned Solutions

One of the problems that households with central air systems have is that it can be difficult for family members who have different temperature preferences to find a comfort level that works for everyone. One of the biggest benefits of ductless split systems is that they allow everyone in the home to control their own comfort level. An individual unit is installed in each room or zone, and the person in that room can conveniently control the temperature with an individual unit remote.

Air Quality Improvements

Many homeowners are unaware that their ductwork often harbors allergens like dust, mold, and debris. When they run their systems, the air pushes these allergens out of the ductwork, through the vents, and into the home. When a Heating & Cooling Company Fort Collins CO installs a ductless split system, homeowners will no longer have to be concerned about this. These systems do not use ductwork and therefore don’t have the accompanying issues.

Traditional central air conditioning systems are certainly still an option for homeowners, but it can’t be denied that ductless split systems have a lot to offer.


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