Three Raw Food Ingredients That Can Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

The food that goes into your dog’s body should contain ingredients that promote better health and longevity in your furry friend. Raw ingredients can be especially beneficial for canines because of their minimal processing and safer preparation methods. Certain brands of dog food are known to contain more of these healthy raw ingredients than others, so it’s always important to read the labels on packaging carefully to make the best choice.

Bone can be an excellent source of calcium for dogs and is included in some raw dog foods. The bone is broken down into smaller pieces to eliminate choking hazards. A good raw dog food is made up of 12% to 15% bone. The bone found in raw dog food often comes from chicken wings, turkey necks or lamb ribs.

Animal Organs
The internal organs of animals contain high levels of vitamins B and D, which can help strengthen dogs’ immune systems. Some of the top brands of raw energy dog food in New Jersey also contain organ meat that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. Plentiful amounts of iron and magnesium are also found in organ meat.

Uncooked vegetables retain many of their natural vitamins and minerals that can keep dogs healthy. Raw carrots, broccoli and parsley provide an excellent balance of the right vitamins and minerals for your little buddy. Certain raw dog food brands also feature garlic, spinach and maitake mushrooms in their products. Foods that contain raw kelp are great for boosting dogs’ energy levels.

The right raw ingredients can give dogs the nutrition that they need to function at their best. When shopping for the top brands of raw energy dog food in New Jersey, it’s best to look for options that feature plentiful amounts of these beneficial ingredients.


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