Three Issues That Require The Expertise Of A Concrete Repair Service

Concrete is used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, and it is favored due to its ability to withstand exposure to the elements while being cost effective to install. No matter how strong concrete may be, after years of use and abuse, it is likely to start showing signs of wear and require attention from a professional Concrete Repair Service in Lincoln, NE. The following is a look at the most common issue to occur and how a professional will address the problems and ensure a solid concrete surface for years to come.

Foundation Shifting

The ground is continually shifting, and even though it is moving at a slow rate, the changes are enough to cause concrete to degrade over time. If the foundation of a concrete road or structure experiences a significant amount of movement, it may cause the top layer to move and jeopardize its structural integrity. A contractor will remove the damaged material and make the needed foundation upgrades before laying fresh concrete.

Holes and Cracks

Another common problem to occur is the formation of holes and cracks, which are usually caused by heavy traffic. A Concrete Repair Service in Lincoln, NE, will examine the damage and determine the most efficient way to complete the repair while ensuring it is designed to provide years of use. In some cases, they may have to remove a large section of the damaged material to ensure the new concrete properly adheres.

Brittle Surface

The visible layer of concrete is what experiences the highest amount of abuse, and in some cases, it may begin to become brittle and flake off. While it isn’t a major concern at first, if left unchecked it may lead to the development of holes and severe cracks. Let a professional determine the cause of the brittle surface, as it may be due to an improper mixture ratio which may warrant replacement of the entire surface.

With the proper care, a concrete surface will provide years of safe use. If problems do arise, be sure to contact the professionals at Aksarben Concrete and let one of their experienced technicians create a repair plan that will nip problems in the bud. Visit website to learn more or call today!

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