Three Critical Roles of a Proficient Car Accident Injury Attorney in Saint Paul

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 32,000 people lost their lives in automobile accidents in 2013. Most car accidents are caused by reckless or careless drivers. Persons injured in a car accident that was due to the fault of the other driver should hire a dedicated Car Accident Injury Attorney Saint Paul. Competent car accident injury lawyers have handled multiple auto accidents cases before successfully. They have a profound knowledge of the accident law and insurance company tactics to ensure the injured person receives a favorable outcome. Here are some key reasons to hire a proficient automobile accident attorney.

Handling Negotiations with Insurance Companies

In oftentimes, the opposite party’s insurance company will contact the injured victim to negotiate a settlement. It is advisable not to accept any offers without the knowledge of an experienced car accident injury lawyer. Note that insurance firms are more concerned about their profitability rather than providing the injured person the rightful compensation. A qualified accident attorney can handle negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance firm, and will accept nothing less than full compensation.

Providing Legal Counsel and Support

An experienced car accident lawyer at Rutzick Law Offices knows the ins and outs of accident claims. They have experience in obtaining the necessary evidence to support the claim, including gathering medical reports, police reports, witness statements, employment and lost wage information. In addition, a knowledgeable injury lawyer has spent years studying the litigation process. Whether it is filing motions, defending motions or taking depositions, a proficient accident lawyer can provide the necessary legal advice and support needed to navigate these types of cases smoothly.

Representation in Court

If the case will be settled in court, the lawyer will represent the claimant zealously. They will use the available evidence and witnesses to prove the fault of the other driver. The lawyer will utilize their professional tricks to convince the judge into passing a favorable ruling.

A skilled car accident injury attorney in Saint Paul is committed to helping victims of automobile accidents fight for their rightful compensation. It is vital to contact a car accident lawyer immediately after the incident to avoid falling behind the deadline for filing personal injury lawsuits.


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