Three Common Reasons People Avoid Therapy

The numbers of people who are suffering from mental health disorders have skyrocketed over recent decades, and suicide becoming one of the leading causes of death for young people all around the world. Unfortunately, millions of people are still left untreated for their mental health issues, and this can cause devastating effects on themselves and their friends and family. But why do people still avoid getting treatment despite all this data?

The stigma surrounding mental illness.

Unfortunately, people with mental health issues are often seen as crazy, stupid, and even evil, especially in mainstream media. Some even shame others who go to an adolescent therapy center in Burnsville because it makes them look “weak”. This causes millions of people to not only reject therapy but to repress their feelings as well.

Fear Of Being Judged

A lot of people struggle to open up about their problems, so even the thought of talking to a therapist sends chills down their spines. This is also the reason why some folks even hide their feelings from their loved ones.

Feelings Of Shame

Sometimes people feel so broken inside that they think they are unfixable and there’s nothing they can do to help themselves.

Having depression or anxiety isn’t something you should hide or be ashamed about. At Options Family & Behavior Services, we have an adolescent therapy center in Burnsville that offers a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for those who suffer from mental health issues at affordable rates.


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