Things You Can Do Before Calling Pest Control Companies in Gig Harbor WA

People need to learn about things they can do to help themselves control pests. Sure, Pest Control Companies in Gig Harbor Wa can eliminate pest problems in a hurry, but pests could come back if a person continues to make the same mistakes. That could end up costing a person a lot of money because they might have to use a pest company over and over again.

Food Sources

Exterminators who work for Pest Control Companies in Gig Harbor Wa know controlling food sources can go a long way with keeping pests away. Understand that pests can crave different food sources. Some pests prey on living things, while others might crave the food humans eat. For example, ants and cockroaches are attracted to the foods humans keep around. In order to keep ants away, food should be kept in sealed containers and eating areas should be cleaned thoroughly.

More On Food Sources

Some pests are attracted to the food that humans throw away. If a person keeps garbage too close to their home, they are just asking for trouble. Rodents could be attracted to the garbage and then find their way inside of a person’s home. Skunks and raccoons are also attracted to garbage cans. In the warmer months, flies can become a problem because of garbage kept too close to the home.


Pests also end up bothering humans because of shelter. If they can find shelter in a person’s home, pests can become a huge problem as their numbers grow. Just two rodents can become hundreds within a year. Sealing cracks and crevices in a foundation can help keep pests out. Window screens should be replaced if they have any holes in them. A lot of pests don’t need much space to crawl through.

Controlling pests is something that requires daily effort. Homes have to be kept clean. If pests are noticed in the home, action should be taken immediately. Any delay can give pests time to reproduce and grow to become a serious issue. Contacting an exterminator is a surefire way to get rid of pests in or around a person’s home.

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