Things To Consider When Choosing Between Different Bolingbrook Wedding Venues

The wedding day is definitely a special day that every bride and groom look forward to. However, planning the special day brings with it a lot of stress, especially when the happy couple wants everything to go perfectly. Choosing a venue is an important part of your entire wedding planning, and there are certain factors that you need to consider before you end up doing so. These factors are explained below:


You should have a certain budget ready for your wedding venue in Bolingbrook, and you should stick to that budget. Many types of venues are available catering to different budgets and tastes. It is not important that you spend a fortune on a venue, all you need to do is make sure that it can accommodate your guest list, is at a great location, and is available to you within your budget. You can spend some time in researching all possible venues before finalizing on one.

The Size Of The Venue

Before choosing your venue, you need to see how many guests you have invited to your wedding, as you would have to make it a point to accommodate all of them. A larger venue will be required for a huge list of invites. More intimate and smaller weddings, on the other hand, can happen in smaller halls.

The Location

It is important to consider the location of your venue. If you want to get married in a Church, then you need to make sure that the venue for your reception is close enough for your guests to travel with ease. You can consider providing transportation in such cases. If this is not within your budget, then providing maps to your guests always helps.

Your Guests

Your venue should have sufficient capacity to accommodate all of the guests that you have invited to your wedding. You should also consider venues that accommodate the elderly, young children, and the disabled. Complimentary rooms should ideally be available where the couple can relax and change. Additionally, it should not be difficult for the guests to find parking at the venue.

Food And Drinks

Catering is extremely important for any wedding. You can check to see whether the venue you are booking provides food or not. If they do, then you need to look at their menu and see if you can add or delete certain dishes or not according to your preferences.

Apart from the factors that have been mentioned above, you should also consider hidden costs, overtime charges, and any deposits that are required. Be aware of what all you need to ask so that you can find the best among different Bolingbrook wedding venues.

For help with choosing the right venue, contact Carriage Greens Country Club today. The right location will be found and reservations made in no time.


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