They are masters to provide the best software you need – Homecare Scheduling Software.

They create the best business management platforms

Direct Care Innovations Software is a healthcare technology company that creates business management platforms for providers and agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare and Managed care markets. They believe their innovation can create a better future for Direct Care workers and the people they support. Their vision is to design systems that enable agencies to eliminate fraud and abuse while empowering providers to put more money into the hands of Direct Care workers.

Payroll management software

Direct Care Innovations provides payroll management software so that you can spend less time focusing on payroll and more time on daily core tasks and income-generating strategies. The DCI Payroll Time and Attendance Module allows agencies to track time entered by direct care staff in all types of settings. Time entry can be done through any internet connected device including computers, tablets, and smart phones. The Module uses time entries to generate payroll data. User verification can be done via user name and password, quick pin, telephonic, or bio metric verification. The Module can be integrated with any existing payroll and accounting systems and can be used independently for time tracking or integrated with the other DCI Modules for compliance, authorization management, billing, and scheduling, reporting, and overall business management functions

They can automate the process of paying

Using payroll management software, which experts from Homecare Scheduling Software provide, you can streamline and automate the process of paying your employees. You can also guarantee that their remote time tracking software makes reporting and automated payments more comfortable for you. DCI Software’s training module is designed to ensure 100% training compliance for direct care workers and to alert management of any training deficiencies before they expire. Their management platform efficiently collects all relevant workflow information and produces accurate, effective, and compliant business outcomes.

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