There’s No Need To Use Shingles For Your Next Roof Replacement In Burleson, TX

Installing or replacing a roof is an expensive improvement for a home or business. Pollution, UV rays, dirt, debris, and weather can all contribute to the deterioration of the roofing material. Asphalt shingles look great for a few years but, without proper maintenance, repair, and inspection, they can fail long before their expected lifespan. The best choice in roofing material today is made of metal. This type of material will last almost 50 years with little to no maintenance. Instead of having a Roof Replacement in Burleson TX performed every 15-20 years, one metal roof will last through two or three shingle roofs. When the metal roof needs to be replaced, the material is recyclable instead of ending up in a landfill.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

* Can reduce energy costs in a building 10-40%.
* It won’t peel up like shingles.
* Better protection from the weather.
* Can be installed over an existing asphalt roof in many cases.
* Could qualify for a tax credit.
* Withstand wind of 140 mph.
* Made of lighter material than asphalt shingles.

There are many myths about a metal Roof Replacement in Burleson TX. Metal roofs are not noisy. There is a sound-deadening underlayment that eliminates noise from things like rain, traffic, and planes. The roof is not going to rust. Although regular metal rusts, metal roofing is protected with a galvanized coating or some other type of protection. A metal roof is not prone to lightning strikes any more than an asphalt roof is. The difference between the two roofs is that asphalt can ignite because it’s a petroleum-based product. A metal roof can actually protect a home from a lightning strike.

There are a variety of styles metal roofing is manufactured in that include standing seam, modular press formed panels, and modular press formed granular coated. An experienced roofing company can help an owner determine which one will look and work the best for their building. When an owner compares the benefits of asphalt versus a metal roof, there will be no question as to which one will last the longest and cause the fewest problems. For more information, please click here.


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