There are many options when you opt for a custom garage door

There are a number of questions that have to be answered when you are choosing the ideal garage door for your home; the questions include the material the door will be made from, the style and equally important; the price. Those that are in the market for a garage door will find a wide range of options at their disposal, especially as they move up from standard stock doors to beautiful custom doors in California. The ultimate price is based on numerous variable; the type of wood, whether the door is insulated or not, the style of the panels and glass inserts.

You can buy a low cost door and a few years later buy another one or you can purchase a custom door that not only adds immeasurably to the curb appeal of your home but will last for years.

When you are looking for garage doors you will find they are available as a stock product, a door which is semi-custom and full custom designed and manufactured.

Stock doors: Basic stock garage doors have very little in the way of interesting panel design and do not come with glass.

Semi-custom doors: Buyers are given a “menu” of features that they can choose from, the buyer selects the panels design, glass insert location and number, etc that will result in a door that suits their home.

Custom doors: The top of the line are custom doors in California. When a customer opts for a full custom door he or she can specify custom finishes, custom panel designs, custom glass, high standard insulation and the best of materials. Custom doors can be uniquely designed to complement the home regardless of the style. Recognized manufacturers of custom doors in California are happy to build the door against architectural drawings.


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