The Very Best of Mens Diamond Watches: A Look at the Top 2 Watch Manufacturers in the World

Men might not be the market you turn to when it comes to accessories. But if there’s one class of accessory that will really pique a guy’s interest, it’s a classy, expensive watch. Where the females of the species have a spate of choices when it comes to accessorizing—like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and much, much more—with guys, it usually comes down to the watch.

Often, it even goes beyond being a timekeeper and segues into the category of status symbol. A way of declaring to the world that “I’ve made it and I have the moxie to show it off.” As simple as that might sound—buying the most expensive one around—there’s actually a lot of choices floating around that will let you be more selective in picking up that prized status symbol.

Rolex: Exclusivity and Class

Rolex is ranked 57  on the list of most powerful brands according to Forbes. What makes them unique on this list is that they exclusively focus on the creation of mens diamond watches and nothing else. Several years of experience in this regard have allowed them to build up a portfolio that can match a number of unique and diverse tastes.

They have mens diamond watches that are more sporty and for active lifestyles. These are metal-banded and often includes features like altimeters and such on their beautiful, complex faces. The diamonds on these are necessarily kept to a minimum, but are nonetheless beautiful to behold. Those so inclined can also get one of their more formal leather-strapped watches that are far more generous in their diamond appropriation.

Cartier: Jeweler to Kings

Cartier has a very regal history. The title to this section was proffered on the Cartier patriarch by King Edward VII—so that’s saying a lot. They do not exclusively focus on fine mens diamond watches and in fact, their primary products are finely crafted jewelry pieces. But when they did break into the watch industry, they did it with a typical flair all their own.

Cartier mens diamond watches lean more towards simpler elegance. Their watch faces often feature analog hands to tell time and that’s basically it. No complicated extra movements, just a watch with a lot of diamonds, should you want it. So, if the bling is your thing, then they’re the brand to get. Their more expensive pieces feature a lot of shining diamonds of the best cuts and clarity.

Ultimately, these two might share the same industry space but represent two vastly different schools of thought. What you go for depends entirely on your proclivities and tastes.


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