The Versatility of the Gold Chain

Are you looking for jewelry that you can wear just about everywhere? Maybe you want something that is good-looking, trendy, and always in the height of men’s fashion. How about body adornment that was popular years ago and its classic appeal is still going strong today? If you want something that satisfies all these criteria, consider a gold chain. This is a “can’t miss” jewelry item that almost everyone loves. Let’s check out some important reasons to look at chains today.

Color Selections

Everything that’s golden is not yellow. Although yellow is one of the most popular selections, you can have white or rose gold. This is an important choice because not everyone’s skin tone and colors are the same. Yellow is universal but it looks best with darker skin and white, or rose color may be a better choice for those with fair skin. However, it’s all a matter of personal preference, and there really is no wrong choice.

Metal Selections

Did you know you can choose silver and you have a choice of gold alloys too? For example, there are some great 10K gold selections, and they are the least expensive. The more carats you choose, the more gold is in the alloy, so it costs more. However, if you get into 18 and 24K selections the metal is softer, and it may scratch easier. One of the best all around choices is 14K gold.


When you shop for a gold chain, you have a wide range of choices. Many men appreciate the masculine look of the Cuban link or Franco chains. However, rope chains are also very popular today.


With some chains, you can wear a pendant, and many men wear crosses. Crosses come in many styles and price ranges and can be the perfect addition to your new gold chain.


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