The Vacuum Pressure Transducer – Definition and Use

There are two definitions of a vacuum pressure transducer. One is a sensor that measures pressure in relation to an absolute vacuum, and the other is a sensor that measures the difference between low pressure and atmospheric pressure. The transducer converts the measurement into electronic quantities readable by monitoring, recording or controlling devices. Vacuum pressure transducers measure negative pressure, and they are used in sealing, packaging, pumping, laboratories and healthcare.

How Measurement Works
Vacuum pressure transducers measure the movement of pressure in the opposite direction of other types of transducers. When pressure is applied to the vacuum pressure transducer, a convex direction is taken as opposed to the concave direction of other types of pressure transducers. The convex effect is a bubbling out which measures negative pressure. Vacuum pressure has a limited range definition to -14.7 psi, but most transducers range to 15 psi, so it is important to understand the limitation.

Use of the Device
Any time negative pressure is needed in manufacturing or other industries, a vacuum pressure transducer is required. Control of a vacuum or measuring of a vacuum is impossible without the transducer, and damage is inevitable without it. The transducer is connected to a monitoring, recording or controlling device that makes it possible for technician, engineers and operators to gauge applications and processes safely. The uses of these devices are critical to safe and efficient production and development across an array of industries.

Understanding Units of Measurement
Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A PSI is the result of the force of one pound per one square inch, but depending on the industry, the PSI is appended with a defining ending. The measurement is expressed in pounds per square inch differential (PSID), but the measurement is called pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) when one pressure source is ambient. When the measurement is relative to a vacuum, it’s called pounds per square inch absolute (PSIA).

Vacuum pressure transducers are simple devices that measure negative pressure for the use in specialized industries. These transducers are critical involving any production requiring negative pressure. There are several types of the transducer available, and they are low-cost critical components.

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