The Unique Fanless Industrial Panel PC

There are clear benefits to a fanless industrial panel PC. This unique design can easily benefit your activity. Fanless designs certainly have proven to be challenging but there are a few out there that can give you the reliability that you hoped for coupled with an advantageous operating environment.

The Need for Fanless

As more and more industries become automated it has become necessary to have reliable panels in environments that are not necessarily conducive to the survival of a PC. The fanless option can be the solution you have been searching for in environments that are:

  • Rife with particulates
  • Dusty areas
  • Hot areas

One of the ways to cut down on costly break down’s that can result in work stoppages is to use a panel that does not have moving parts like a fan. When a system is depending on a fan to keep things cool, when that fan is compromised because of exposure to harsh environments the system shuts down. Removing the fan can greatly reduce the stress on the system and make the panel appropriate for use in harsh environments.

Reduce Work Stoppage

No matter what industry you are in, computer access is a necessity. Being able to have a reliable source of information no matter what the environment is a key way to reduce work stoppage, loss time and even reduce overall risk of loss. One of the advantages that a fanless panel has to offer is that it is much more reliable, durable and long lasting in harsh environments and can keep on working long after panels with fans quit.

Cost Effectiveness

Fanless options can endure when other models cannot. This unique design will be a much better return on your tech dollar investment because it will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Talk to Panel PC Pro to learn more about this unique design option.


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