The Top Multi-faceted Instrument Retailer Specialists of Sugar Hill, GA

Music is an amazing gift given to the world. It is a universal language felt throughout any language, culture, country, class. Encouraging the younger generation to grow and build up the musical talents to share with the world is the responsibility of a special kind of person. Ronald Sachs, paired with the talented Ms. Young-Hae Kim, founded this shop with hopes to guide students in producing the most heartfelt sound of stringed musical instruments. The goal to assist students in expressing their inner music by providing them with the most highly-crafted and well-maintained instruments gives these students the opportunity to venture forth in their pursuits of musical excellence.

Some of the favorite brands of Ronald Sachs Violins are Jay Hide, Samuel Shen, D’Addario, Yamaha, Gewa Music, Larsen Strings, and more. They offer appraisals so the owner can know the exact value of their stringed instrument. They offer the opportunity for competitions. The Junior division is for children 13 years old to 16, and the senior division is for people 17 years old to 22. This is a great way to develop and advance musical talent through participating in competition and performance. The school repairs are made easy for large school repair orders because of the simple online form for a repair request whether it be Bass Restoration In Sugar Hill, GA, or a violin repair.

Ronald Sachs Violins have served the local area throughout the South and are the choice for violin or bass restoration in Sugar Hill, GA, instrument rental, competitions, and shopping. For more information on what Ronald Sachs Violins can do for musical excellence, visit


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