The Specialization Of Alfa Laval Valves

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services


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When manufacturers specialize in products for one specific industry, they tend to be innovators in designing and offering unique products. This is certainly the case when comparing Alfa Laval valves that have been developed specifically for hygiene-critical types of applications such as sanitary processing.

Unlike other types of general use valves, every detail in the manufacturing of these products is very carefully quality controlled. They are built to last and to operate in even the most challenging types of environments and systems, including for those systems with clean-in-place technology.

Options to Consider

There are many different options in Alfa Laval valves. This includes single seat, butterfly, mix proof and sanitary ball valves to name just a few. Each offers an optimal design combined with durability and ease of installation in any type of sanitary processing system.

Choosing the right valve is a factor of requirements and consideration as well as the processes. The focus with all the valves offered by Alfa Laval is to avoid adding a lot of bells and whistles that can complicate the operation of the valve. Instead, they focus on built-in features and functions that can easily integrate with your current system for higher efficiency in process control.

Mix Proof Valves

One of the unique types of Alfa Laval valves used in many applications is the mix proof valve. This valve is able to handle two different liquids at the same time without any risk of cross contamination of the liquids in the value. Not only does this reduce the number of valves required in a system, but it can also reduce maintenance time, leak problems as well as the cost of system step and part replacements over time.

To find the right valves, talk to sanitary process supplier offering the Alfa Laval line of valves. These professionals can assess your system needs and recommend a product for top performance.

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