The Secret to Looking Great in Preppy Mens Clothes

Lacoste, Drake, Columbia and Peter Millar are all well-known names for their preppy mens clothes. The one thing that all of these brands have in common is that they are collegiate, clean and classic.

Preppy style originates with the youth of American universities and choice apparel of upper class students. While some be hesitant to accept this astute dress code, by following a few simple guidelines it is easy to rock this classic, clean style.

Avoid Being Too Literal

The first step to mastering the look of preppy mens clothes is to adapt the style with a more youthful, modern profile. The traditional values of preppy patterns, colors and apparel should inspire a modern strategy.

Refresh the classic look of preppy prints with a fitted style. Tartans, ginghams, blazers and tailored pants will provide the desired youthful look. It is important to remember that polo shirts are the ideal casual look, but in traditional colors will add a refined touch.

Tell a Story with Your Look

Preppy mens clothes can actually tell a story. Whether it is a party on the yacht, collegiate day or a cricket match, establish a creative look that tells a story. Keep in mind that accessories are key to annotate the most effective look.

Add a touch of vintage with a nice pair of suspenders. Amplify a corporate look with a striped tie. For a little more dimension with a casual ensemble, try a printed belt. Round out your classic look with a pair of circular sunglasses.

Versatile Sweaters

One of the most important articles of preppy mens clothes is the cable knit sweater. This piece will keep out the cold on a chilly day and can be draped over the shoulders for a transatlantic vibe. The top choices are the shawl neck cardigan and the simple V designs.

In Living Color

Color is very important to looking great in preppy mens clothes. The combinations that you choose are crucial. The primary preppy colors are crimson, white and navy, which work well for both formal and casual attire. More colors to try are like shades of wine, such as mocha brown, emerald green and burgundy. Choose the colors that work best your unique skin tones and features.

All Buttoned Down

Chambray shirts are incredibly versatile and complete the preppy look perfectly. Think lightweight in classic colors for casual wear. Lemon, pink, washed out blue and crisp white are great places to start putting together your preppy mens clothes combinations in Georgia.


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