The Rosemount 8732 Magnetic Flowmeter

When it comes to choosing the top of the line equipment, one of the industry gold standards in magnetic flowmeter systems is the Rosemount 8732. This is one model in the larger Rosemount 8700 series which includes several different models including transmitters and sensors to be used in all types of applications, including food, beverage, and life science systems.

The Rosemount 8732 is a more robust option, which offers an explosion-proof housing and a durable, rugged design for the most demanding types of system applications.

Advanced Technology

The 8732 is one of the advanced models with several different diagnostic suites as standard with the meter. These advanced diagnostics allow for highly precise control of the flow of media through the system as well as constant monitoring of other parameters and factors critical to the application.

There are several additional optional components which can be added to the basic Rosemount 8732. This includes a backlit display and local operator interface, which is ideal for installation and configuration of the flowmeter.

Additionally, the configuration can be completed through by optical switches, which means the cover does not have to be removed to make changes. In hazardous or difficult environments and locations, this is a critical factor to consider.

Options to Consider in Selection of the 8732

The choice of an 8732 is based on the specific requirements for the operating conditions as well as the system. This is the go-to model for integral mount transmitters, and it can be connected using HART/Analog and both Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus output options.

With the variety of different transmitters and sensors which can be paired to complete the system, the 8732 by Rosemount can be configured to meet any system requirements. As with all Rosemount products it offers a reliable, accurate and highly dependable flow metering option for any system.


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