The Role of the Family in Addiction Recovery

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Health and Fitness


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Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult journey. It is best walked with the support of others; these may be family, friends, professional counselors, and support groups with others who are also in recovery. The patient needs people who can listen to, care for, and support them as they take the daily steps needed for long-term recovery. Accountability and professional assistance are important for substance-abuse recovery. The family of the patient can play a very significant role throughout this journey.

Family Intervention

Many times, an addict cannot bring themselves to seek the help they may know they need. A supportive and loving family can provide the push that they need to begin to break the addiction. Addictions are often associated with co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, and post-traumatic stress. Instead of enabling the addiction, either knowingly or unknowingly, or suffering under the effects of it, the family can reach out for professional help.

Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Family therapy can be incorporated in a substance-abuse recovery program. This means that in addition to group activities with other patients, and professional one-on-one help, the patient’s family can also be involved through family therapy in Minneapolis. Depending on the family dynamics, it may be difficult for the patient to open up their family on their own. Issues such as family dysfunction, division, and a history of poor communication can often have a negative impact on the patient’s recovery. Family therapy offers counseling for the family with a professional and can be instrumental in the patient’s recovery. It also helps the family to better understand the addiction and provide the necessary support to their loved one.

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