The Rise In The Luxury Dog Hotel

Vacation is when family members get the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. In today’s world, where many families include four-legged fur babies, vacations can pose a problem. How can they revel in their holidays if it means leaving their beloved pets behind? Enter the dog hotel. Near Brooklyn Park MN and elsewhere across the United States, such entities are on the rise.

Getting Away from it All

Every year, Americans spend several billion on their pets. In fact, taking care of companion animals totals over $70 billion annually. A small portion of this money now goes to boarding dogs while their owners are away on vacation. While standard kennels do provide this service, increasingly, some companies are offering dogs the chance to remain for a night, a week or a month in the luxurious lap of a dog hotel. Near Brooklyn MN and in Brooklyn NY, such options are readily available. They allow dogs to get away from it all.

Dog Hotels

Dog hotels come in all types. They may offer luxurious large rooms or decorated smaller ones. All are crate-free and have natural light. Doggie hotels also provide diverse services that may include such things as:

* Specially prepared or gourmet meals

* Doggie “gyms”

* Air conditioning

* Privacy and interaction options

These doggy hotels also offer various other hotel amenities. This often includes pick-up and drop-off services, therefore, saving parents the extra stress of doing so.

Dog Hotel near Brooklyn MN

Today’s dog parents now have various options when it comes to arranging vacations for their pets. While boarding kennels remain popular, increasingly people are looking at booking their favorite canine into a dog hotel. Near Brooklyn MN, you can explore both options. It is up to you to thoroughly research the possibilities and opt for the best possible choice for your dog.

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