The Real Value Of A Garage Addition

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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There are many tangible benefits associated with the addition of a well thought out garage. Of course, the primary purpose of a garage is to protect your vehicles but they also are a great way to add much-needed space to store garden furniture in the winter and your Christmas décor in the summer. With the reasonable garage prices in Hammond, a garage is not a cost; a garage is an investment that increases your equity in your home and boosts your return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Return on investment and value:

There are numerous statistics that are available to and published by realtor groups. A recent report found that the average ROI on a detached garage was approaching 65 percent. Garage prices in Hammond are akin to the national average; a mid-range two car garage costs $48,000, using this number the addition of a garage adds about $31,000 to your home’s value. The ROI varies depending on the features that are included.

Real savings:

You might wonder why anyone would spend $48,000 and only benefit to the tune of $31,000. The true value of a garage is not solely based on the increase in your homes resale value. There are other ways to look at it; for one, a garage can protect your car from the effects of Midwestern winters and potential vandalism, gargles also give you considerably more storage space which negates the need for you to rent a storage unit. For homeowners that have every intention of staying in their home for the foreseeable future, these cost-saving benefits can increase the garages real value.

As the homeowner, your first and biggest decision is whether to attach the garage to your home or build a free-standing structure. This is a choice that will be made taking into account the home layout and lot size and other personal considerations.

Improving your home has many benefits. The Indiana Garage Guys have kept their garage prices in Hammond low without jeopardizing quality, and you can dictate the look and size of your new garage.

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