The Pros And Cons Of A Slate Roof Installation In Richmond, VA

In Virginia, slate is a popular selection for roofing concepts. The most common reason is aesthetics. It is also a naturally-occurring substance, which heightens its appeal among environmentally-conscious consumers. However, when it’s all said and done, the determining factors for roofing selections are cost, durability, and maintenance.

How Long Will It Last?

With slate roofing, the probability of heightened longevity is high. In fact, according to expert designers, a slate roof installation in Richmond, VA that is performed correctly in the first place could last throughout the homeowner’s lifetime. Among the attributes that allow its longevity is the fact it is fire resistant.

This doesn’t include any materials that are attached to the slate. Yet it is possible to reduce the likelihood of extensive damage when slate tiles are used for roofing. The roofing material does rule out the possibility of fires due to exterior forces such as brush fires or firework debris.

The Disadvantages of Slate Roofing

At any time that you choose slate roofing, you must determine whether your chosen contractor has vast experience with these materials. A poor installation is among the most common disadvantage of this option. It could lead to property damage and reduce the likelihood of realizing any benefits of the materials.

Structural damage is possible, if you don’t order an evaluation of your property before the installation. These tiles weight up to 1,500 pounds. If your property wasn’t built with materials conducive to supporting such extensive weights, this could cause underlying damage, which could lead to significant damage. This could present the probability of hazardous conditions.

Maintenance could raise some difficulties. Any contractors who don’t understand how to maintain these roofing materials could produce damage by walking on the tiles. Additionally, the slate you ordered originally might not be available when you need a replacement tile.

If slate roofing is appealing to you, it’s important that you discuss all probabilities with your preferred contractor. An experienced contractor presents you with pros and cons based on the specific needs of your home. Hire the services of Stevens Roofing Corp if you’d like to schedule an assessment for slate roof installation in Richmond, VA.


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